Arragon Digital is a PPC Agency with over 25 year’s experience managing campaigns across Google Ads, Bing & Yahoo, Apple Search Ads and Amazon Advertising. We have worked with some world’s leading brands including Apple, ASOS & Bet365.

PPC Services

Performance Max

Performance Max campaigns are essential for driving performance for retailers, regardless of their size, and should be a primary focus for any e-commerce brand aiming to reach the right customers. With Google Shopping integrated into Performance Max, our team specializes in crafting customized campaigns and strategies for each client. We optimize product listings and campaign structures to ensure the delivery of optimal results. Let us help you maximize your e-commerce potential with Performance Max.


Whether your goal is to re-engage and monetise existing customers or attract new customers, our expertise in Display campaigns allows us to reach your target audience across the vast expanse of Google’s Display Network using a variety of ad formats including Banners, Images & Video.

App Campaigns

Boost app downloads, enhance engagement, and maximize the lifetime value of your mobile customers through specialized app campaigns. Leveraging platforms like Google App Campaigns, Facebook & Instagram or Apple Search Ads, we can effectively promote your app to users across various devices, ensuring maximum reach, impact and ROAS.

Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is a cutting-edge advertising and analytics measurement solution designed to provide marketers with invaluable insights into the performance of their non-Amazon marketing channels on the Amazon platform. We’ve had huge successes promoting our clients’ brands on Amazon via Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram & Bing Ads.

Standard Shopping Ads

Shopping campaigns are a powerful tool for promoting your products by providing users with comprehensive information about what you’re selling even before they click on your ad. With the help of retail-centric reporting tools, you can effectively track the performance of your products over time.

YouTube & Video Networks

Captivate potential customers and generate widespread brand and product visibility through strategic YouTube and video advertising. Whether you’re aiming to enhance brand awareness or drive conversions, our specialists will tailor a video strategy precisely aligned with your objectives.

Amazon Sponsored Ads

Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser on Amazon or just beginning your journey, our expertise is tailored to help brands increase sales and achieve profitable expansion on the platform. In a highly competitive landscape, efficient ad strategies are paramount to amplifying brand visibility and securing a significant share of the market. Our comprehensive services encompass Sponsored Brands, Display, and Products, ensuring seamless campaign execution to drive success for your brand.

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